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My Fiction

Please note: All of these stories are hosted on Google Drive and the links will open in a new window.

Audra: A New Life

There are two versions of this story. The first was basically my very first fiction attempt and was influenced by another story (How Life Can Change - Little Katie) that explored the same basic concepts, but veered in a different direction. I wanted to explore what would happen if I took a different path.

The second version of the story is a rewrite based on some very well thought-out feedback. I prefer the second version quite a bit more than the first one, but both are presented here for your enjoyment. Fair warning: there are some really difficult scenes in here, used as the basis to getting the heart of the story going. Sorry if they offend, not my intention, but try to get past them if they do, this is only fiction.

Audra: A New Life (Original)
Audra: A New Life Redux


A mostly-autobiographical tale of me coming out of the closet to some friends and family. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (*wink*), but the basic events are true.


Secret Lives

A tale of gender discovery when the male twin secretly desires to be like his sister against the wishes and efforts of his mother.

Part 1: Chapters 1-7
Part 2: Chapters 8-12
Part 3: Chapters 13-17
Part 4: Chapters 18-20
Part 5: Chapters 21-23
Part 6: Chapters 24-28


Serial stories of magical change for a young man based on the wonder fables from Aesop.

1. The Ant and the Chrysalis (Appearances are deceptive)
2. The Wolf and the Crane (In serving the wicked, expect no reward)
3. The Bat and the Weasals (It is wise to turn circumstances to good account)

Queen Rider

What happens when a Queen hatchling chooses a male rider? Fan fiction set in Anne McCaffery's world of Pern.

Queen Rider Part 1