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Sites I Like

Shoe Shopping
  • Garage - I love Garage leggings and jeans, as well some of their skirts. It's youngish stuff, especially for me, but the feel and fit is great. I fit medium there, this is why I love them!
  • Simons - The selection ranges from the young and fun to the stylish and chic. It's everything really, but watch for sales, they do it pretty often and the choices can be great.
  • Sephora - I buy some of my makeup here as well as brushes. The selection is amazing and they even have stuff for the men.
Web Comics
  • Calogrenant: The Epic Story - A fun, well-drawn, web comic set in the days of King Arthur's Court and follows the adventures of Calogrenant, a knight magically turned into a maiden.
  • Assigned Male - One gal's gender journey well articulated in a fun, well-drawn, style.
  • Validation Comic - A journey of gender wonderfully drawn and articulated.
  • Real Life Comics - A journey of discovery