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Sites I Like


Transgender Fiction Sites

  • Big Closet: Top Shelf - Active fiction community with some great stories to be had there. Mine are hosted there as well.
  • Fictionmania - The grandmother of all TG fiction sites. Very active and I have most of my stories there as well, though I miss many of the original crop of authors.
  • Crystal's Story Site - Not really maintained at this point, sadly, but still online and still loaded with lots of great fiction.

Transgender Support

  • Xpressions - Toronto-based TG support group. Quite active with lots of events and dinners to get gussied up for.

Makeup and Beauty

  • Femme Secrets - A web site by a GG dedicated to helping TG gals look their best. Chock full of amazing tips!

Web Comics

  • Calogrenant: The Epic Story - A fun, well-drawn, web comic set in the days of King Arthur's Court and follows the adventures of Calogrenant, a knight magically turned into a maiden.
  • Assigned Male - One gal's gender journey well articulated in a fun, well-drawn, style.
  • Validation Comic - A journey of gender wonderfully drawn and articulated.