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Wish I was in London for this...

S├ębastien Lifshitz has been scouring the world for old photographs, building a pictorial history of cross-dressing from an incredible collection that spans more than 100 years of work. This collection will be on display at London's Photographers Gallery and I would love to be there to see them. For more details, see this article on huck .

Teddy Quinlivan

Last September, Teddy Quinlivan came out as transgender and spoke about her experiences and growth as a person. In the video, below, Teddy expands upon a lot of her experience, the concepts of passing privilege, and more. It's a powerful video and I think it takes great courage to do this, especially in light of the toxic atmosphere for trans people in the United States these days. So, watch the video, it's educational and empowering. As an aside, Teddy seems to be latest in a long line of fashion models that are coming out trans. While I have mixed feelings about the modelling industry as a whole, there is something to be said about the powerful message of femininity in this space when it comes to answering the question so many cisgendered like to put forth.