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Getting to Your O Face on HRT

I recently read an article on The Mary Sue on transfeminine pleasure and I think about how little we really talk about this concept, as though we're not really entitled to it or something.

I'm not gonna lie, I hemmed and hawed over posting a blog post like this, but I agree with The Mary Sue in that we're not talking about this enough. So, blushing and all, time for some frank talk on getting your O face on if you're on HRT.

As the article talks about, it is very different and so you need to approach it differently and that was something that never really occured to me before. I just assumed that basically the approach was the same if the equipment was still unchanged and, with the equipment largely not responding, there wasn't a lot to be done. Well, nope, that is not the case. So, first things first, lose that notion if you have it and invest in a some gear!

So, you don't need to spend a lot, but definitely want to be looking at vibrators of some sort. I went with the rechargeable Magic Wand and all I can say is that it's mindblowing. However, you don't necessarily need to go that expense (it's north of $150 CDN), but you'll want vibrations! The article I linked to describes really what it's about, you got a bunch of nerves in your penis and they will respond if you apply vibrations. Hoo, they will respond! Just find your spot up at the top, in the glans area, and you will know.

And that's the thing, this is nothing like anything you've experienced pre-HRT. Almost immediately you're going to feel a lot of general pleasure and it will build. It will take time, as in 15-25 minutes, to get there but you will and it is very different and so much better. I get waves that slowly build in intensity and then eventually I feel orgasm happens and it lasts, way more so than before. Yet, in all of this, I stay basically flaccid and there is little, to no, discharge. You get all of the fun with basically none of the mess!

All I can say is, once you experienced this for the first time, you'll understand. It's a mind pop like nothing else and, I have to say, created a lot of reassurance for me for the future post GCS. 

A couple of small things to keep in mind though is that you will have very little discharge, if any, unless you go a long time between. When I have, if it's been especially long, it's kind of golden coloured (to my surprise!), but usually it's just clear. It takes a while to get there, but I promise, you will. We're not different than cis women in this respect, we need more time and attention then men, but it's worth it.

So... all the blushing in here aside, this is what I wanted to share. This is something I learned two years into HRT and I wish I had known much earlier. So, hopefully this will help someone else get earlier awareness and help them have some fun, whether it's by themselves or with others. 

Hey, trans girls are allowed to have an O face too!


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