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Tired of Religion Being Used as a Shield for Bigotry

"My faith requires me..." is a constant refrain of bigots, it's their shield against being held accountable for their deeply personal hate and I am so very tired of it.

Harm Under the Umbrella

I want to be able to perceive the crossdressing community as a natural ally to trans people, especially for trans women, but I see harm happening under the umbrella.

Toronto Pride 2023: The Trans March

Pride Weekend in Toronto kicked off with a huge celebration of Trans Joy and a push back on the bigots.

Pay Attention Cis Women

Way too many cis women are either complicit with or not paying attention to who is the real target of all of this transphobia.

Bigot and Coward

Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick, is a bigot and a coward. We're going to be exceedingly clear on this.

More GCS Tips

I'm just going to get into the habit of posting about this stuff as it comes to me. So, content warning ahead: talking vajayjay stuff!

White Feminism is alive and well

I never use the term "TERF" because there is nothing radical or truly feminist about anyone that seeks to control the right to define who is an acceptable woman.

The Umbrella

I saw a post, today, that suggests we're overly conflating gender-variance with being transgender. Respectfully, I have to disagree.