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Showing posts from October, 2020

Halloween feels very different this year

Halloween feels very different to me this year and it's not because the pandemic has curtailed much of the celebration of it. No, it's way deeper than that.

Little things mean a lot

There is definitely a certain truth to the notion that the little things in life can mean a great deal in the moment.

First eye and dental checkup since HRT

  So this week had a few other types of medical appointments and each, of course, will lead to a conversation that I have, in all honesty, been waiting to have.

Reflecting on National Coming Out Day

  Today is "National Coming Out Day" to support LGBTQ+ people in coming out of the closet and celebrating their true selves with friends and family. It is the ideal, that it is a celebration, but that this day exists says we have much to do still.

T-Shirts and Musings

  A quiet autumn afternoon is a fine time to break out my Cricut, Easy Press, and make a couple of t-shirts and contemplate life a little.