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Showing posts from December, 2020

A milestone Christmas

This Christmas is especially special to me, my first as Joanne (Auntie Jo), and it was everything that I could hope for under the circumstances.

Speaking of big steps...

Speaking of big steps, now with some big news to share! Specifically around my plans for my full public transition and I am super excited!

Accidental big steps

A beautiful mutual on Twitter tweeted yesterday that she keeps taking accidental big steps and it made me realize that this is true of myself as well. Turns out, for me, that it's more than okay.

My whirlwind week

The process of coming out, as it were, is an interesting and scary one. I've started that process and, despite all my anxieties, it has been a wonderful experience so far. The really important ones also all happened in a span of a week!

I hate existing between two worlds

I seem to be in this grey zone where I am poised to make public my gender, yet it feels far away, and so much keeps coming up, in front of me, that makes me want to shout it out.