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Happy to Leave 2022 Behind

We're on the cusp of a new year and as I look back at 2022, I am really happy to be leaving it behind.

I find Lilith fascinating

I'm not religious, but I find myself fascinated with the story of Lilith.

Rebirth & Metamorphisis

In Irish legend, the butterfly symbolizes rebirth and metamorphisis. 

Please, stop using "transwoman"

I keep seeing this, especially in the crossdressing community, and it's wrong. Trans, and transgender, in the context of our gender is an adjective and, as such, compounding this with woman is othering.

Some progress in Scotland

So, today, the Scottish parlaiment passed their Gender Reform Act and moved forward the rights of trans people in terms of recognition of their gender identity. 

Happy Yule!

Today is the Winter Solstice, at 4:47 pm in the Northern hemisphere, representing the shortest day and longest night of the year.

Where the sting gets worse

So, recently, I was in a work meeting on diversity and inclusion and the discussion topic was on creating an inclusive space. Meanwhile, a person in the meeting had a Zoom background featuring the works of the the deeply transphobic bigot author from the UK.

Trans Positive Feminist Witchy Podcasts

Navigating the world of Witchcraft as a Solitary Secular Witch is daunting enough, but as a Solitary Secular trans Witch, it's a scary world!

Slowing down

I started talking a little bit about my journey in to spaces like Wicca and Witchcraft and along the way, I decided that if I needed to write things out for a purpose, it would be either be with a glass or regular dip pen and ink.

Software Soapbox

Okay guys, let's help you out here: people do change their names.

Musings on my connection to Wicca

Chatting with a friend, last night, about how I think about the nature of Wicca and what the Goddess and God embody to me.

Thinking about my inner self

As all of my paperwork and approvals are in the hands of the clinic in Montreal, my thoughts turn more to my inner self and how I prepare for the future.

Shopify has told you who they are

By refusing to deplatform deeply harmful hate accounts, Shopify has made it clear that they are okay with hate being sold on their site and that they make money from the sale of it.

What-to-Wear Panic

I am amazed, but it seems that I have this "what I am going to wear?" panic in spades (sometimes literally, given my addiction to Kate Spade) and it's cropped up a few times recently.

Twitter is burning

Twitter is burning and I am so very happy about that.

Diversity & Inclusion isn't just an internal issue

Recently, I attended the Out & Equal conference virtually. There was a great deal of conversation and valuable insights into the world of D&I as it pertains to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. However, what continues to stand out to me is a failure to grasp that one cannot be included inside when they are excluded outside.

Eaton Centre tells us we're not welcome

When I talk about inclusion in my workplace, I talk a lot about how the space I have worked in was inclusive. From gender neutral (and not repurposing) bathrooms to Pride related content, and more, the space was designed to be inclusive of my community. Enter Cadillac Fairview's Eaton Centre.

It's not a "culture war"

I really do hate that term. The assault on trans people, especially trans kids, by right wing hate isn't a culture war, it's fascism and we need to call it what it is.

It's not that hard if you love

I wanted to share this story about my 85 year old great Aunt.

Bye Twitter, it hasn't been a slice

I have reached a breaking point on the toxicity of that site and I had to leave.

Awareness Matters

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's been on my mind at lot these last few weeks.

Art & The Artist

So, I've posted more than a few times on Facebook about a particular author and the harm she is causing the trans community. More than a few people have made the argument that they can condemn the artist and love the art. Can they?

Getting to Your O Face on HRT

I recently read an article on The Mary Sue on transfeminine pleasure  and I think about how little we really talk about this concept, as though we're not really entitled to it or something.

When a company (Voilá) keeps screwing up

Now it's time to really talk about this because fumble after fumble has been the name of the game for Voilá by Sobeys. This story is the basis of my earlier post:  It's not polite when you get it wrong .

It's not polite when you get it wrong

I've talked about voice issues before, for many of us in the trans community it remains a major source of frustration and irritation. This is especially true on the phone.