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Slowing down

I started talking a little bit about my journey in to spaces like Wicca and Witchcraft and along the way, I decided that if I needed to write things out for a purpose, it would be either be with a glass or regular dip pen and ink.

I actually thought about this decision as I was putting together my Book of Shadows or grimoire. While, totally not necessary to do this with such a thing as a dip pen and bottled ink, there is something that is entirely satisfying about it. Basically, the process requires me to slow down in order to be legible and slowing down is what I need.

I have a really bad tendency of just rushing. I rush through writing, I rush through art, and it sometimes feels like I just rush through life. Part of what I wanted to do as I started down this path was get better attuned to myself and that is not something you can rush into. I want to slow down, to feel the moment and the process, so hence the dip pens.

Is it working? Well, it's in progress! It is a little bit as I am sticking to printing rather than actually writing, so it's staying reasonably legible. Had a couple of oops and blots moments, to be expected, and I think that's okay as it adds a bit of character to the Book.

Anyways, here's to me slowing down and enjoying these bits of life. Next up, get my Tarot log going. I have more decks than readings! 


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