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With allies like these...

It is often revealing to watch the ebb and flow of Twitter, you can learn a lot about the ugly side of humanity on the site as bigotry runs rampant, but you can also see the many allies that are stepping up. However, there are some disconcerting trends with allies too...

I identify as... Stop! It's what I am.

The expression "identifies as" gets used a lot when talking about trans and non-binary people. It's also used by a lot of bigots to denigrate the trans experience. It's an expression that I would like to see fade away.

One strike is enough

I have a firm rule about where I put my money when it comes to online services: I have no tolerance for bigotry. I simply won't fund it.

Little Dreamer

What's in a dream? For much of my life, I couldn't really tell you because I very, very, rarely ever remembered them. However, recently, that seems to be changing and I find that, plus some of the contents, really quite interesting.

The really insidious gatekeeping

A truism of the trans experience is that, every time you turn around, there appears to be a gate that one must pass. Inevitably that gate has a keeper and I have yet to encounter one in which the keeper isn't cis.