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Showing posts from November, 2020

The sun will come out

A down, and then up, emotional week for me. It started a bit rough, but then I think went really positive the rest of the week.

A significant milestone

As a part of my journey I have been slowly, but surely, cleaning up, boxing up, and otherwise putting away parts of my past. I did a bit more today, but there's a twist to it.

Deeds, not words

  So, Twitter posted a trans supportive message the other day and it is getting dragged pretty heavily. It should be, they should be embarrassed to post that.

The value of HRT for me

  A couple of discussions popped up on Twitter today with respect to hormones, but one in particular caught my attention as it highlights the value.

Thoughts on the week that was...

It was a very wild ride this week, we all awaited the results of the US election, no matter if we are American or not. For better or worse, the outcome of these elections have impact far beyond the borders of the United States.