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New Macs and Voice Training

I am in love with the new M1 Macs! The reason? Voice therapy. Okay, it's not the only reason, these are really, really, good computers, but for the context of this blog, it's voice. 😄

Name change game

As I have started to more formally direct my transition, having come out professionally at work and personally through a few different channels, I have also begun the process of updating my name across the vastness that is the Internet...

Freedom to be me

We talk about bringing your whole self to work, a lot, especially in my company and I have spent a lot of my past not doing that at all. That is over.

6 Months!

Today marks the 6 month point on HRT which, for me, is a pretty significant way point on my journey.

So that was 2020

So, what a very strange year that was...