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Platforming a bigot is always bad

So, I follow a few different feminist accounts on social media and the vast majority of them are very aware of the larger context. However, there is one that consistently seems oblivious to it, unfortunately.

Overdue for Criminal Charges

I see fascist Canadians shout "Freedom of Speech" here in Canada, but I have a piece of news for you bigots: we don't have that. Hate speech is a criminal offence and some of you are overdue for consequences.

It's Rainbow Capitalism Season

Always fun to watch an iconic shopping centre celebrate the opening of an anti-LGBTQ+ business on the eve of Pride, a mere 8 days after they pretended to care about us on IDAHOBIT.

Tiresome (Updated)

Bigots went into a tizzy over Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney and they haven't stopped there. These whiners about "cancel culture" can't stop trying to cancel.

GCS Tip Time: All the blush that is unfit to print

I share a lot. Maybe too much. Okay, maybe not maybe. Anyways, I do share a lot, especially on my local Discord server, all the things I have been learning about my aftercare. Some of it is, well, rather earthy.

The Supreme Court of Canada took a vital step

On May 19, a somewhat innocuous seeming case made it way to the Supreme Court of Canada and the positive ramifications for trans rights in Canada are huge.

Not all [fill in the blank]

If you find yourself responding with "not all [fill in the blank]" in a context of discussing hate, violence, and violations of human rights then you're not on the right side of a discussion.

Sometimes I feel like giving up

I'm not going to give up, but it feels like such an uphill battle to get anyone in my life to actually pay attention.

Tip Time: Sudocrem

I honestly wish I had known about this weeks ago!

Dee Snider: The Boomer Years

The other day Dee Snider decided to throw his support for a somewhat incoherent, and definitely transphobic, post from Paul Stanley. It doesn't get better.

"Controversial" is a shield for bigots

If you have been following the hateful assault on Dylan Mulvaney, you may have noticed the overuse of a particular term in the media.

Two months!

Time flies! I wouldn't necessarily say "when you are having fun" with that, but it's actually been pretty good, especially as the weather is getting better!

I don't want to be brave

One of the more common things that gets said to me is that I am brave, but I don't want to be brave.

How I Learned to Hate Sports

I 've written and talked about how sports, and my being reasonably good at them, helped me protect my identity in a time when it was near impossible to talk about it. I loved sports. I hate sports now.

Failed when it mattered

I'm just going to be blunt: fuck the NHL. 

Post-GCS Life

I guess it's not totally  post-GCS, I'm going to be doing the rehab work for a lot of months yet, but in the meanwhile, some things that I think should be obvious have become more clear. Warning, possible TMI in here.

Did you think World Athletics was going to do anything different?

So, today we learn that World Athletics has voted to ban trans women from elite sport competition. Are you surprised? The head of it is from the UK. Go figure.

My Affirming Surgery experience (and some tips)

It's been a bit more than a month since my Galentine's Day miracle, and I have settled in to the routines of after care, so I've learned a few things along the way.

I can’t let this stand

If you’re using “transwomen” to talk about trans women, then I will absolutely assume you’re being transphobic.

Doing Great and Feeling Whole

  Just a quick update! Ya girl here is feeling amazing and very whole.

Waiting… Waiting…

Oh I hate waiting!

Disney Moments

I've been using Disney Princesses a lot in my social media posts recently and a big reason is that I find disney artists really seem to get excitement.

Gingersnap Mornings

Yesterday had a rough patch for me, a moment of when I just felt like there was so much that I had to encompass in the moment and I just couldn't.

About Bikinis and Other Things

Just about a week and a half away from GCS and now I am just marking time, but some curious observations along the way...

White cishet people should stop talking

Woke up this morning to a post on Facebook that tells us that even if we disagree, we should show respect for each other's opinions and not humiliate them. Let's be blunt: fuck no.

"Proud" is code

Every time a family member reposts or shares something from a group labeled "[something] Proud" a little part of me dies inside.

All Set!

With my surgery date a mere 3 weeks away as of Monday, I'm all set to go.

I Resolve

I don't do New Years Resolutions, but I kind of have one this year.

Sometimes we need red pandas

So, I woke this morning to discover that a former co-worker had posted a series of articles on different women's rights issues ranging from the US to Afghanistan to Iran on Facebook. Good, right?

1 Month Away!

My mind is still having a hard time comprehending that in one month I'll be in and then recovering from GCS.

I'm awhirl!

You know that thing you've been waiting for your whole life and it always felt so far away? Imagine that it is suddenly, and very surprisingly, here.

Social Media Catch-22

On the one hand, I really despise the state of "social" media today, it's truly a petrie dish of hate, but there's that part of me that wants to resist just closing it all down and forgetting it exists.

Thinking of a Brave New World

If you've never read Brave New World, I really recommend you do. It comes to mind because the government in that book used a drug, called soma, to keep the masses complacent with what they have.

Scrivener is remarkably useful

I don't write for a living, so under the circumstances, I wouldn't normally even consider a tool like Scrivener for myself, but it is so very useful.