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Ballet and Getting in Tune with your Body

I have a couple of classes left in my first ballet course and I was thinking about what the class has done for me so far.

Not Controversial: He's a Bigot

Incredibly disappointing, and deeply frightening, to see that the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives have allowed a bigot to testify as an expert on a subject that he has no expertise on.

More GCS Stuff

As I posted about recently, I just had a full physical and exam a short while ago and I thought I would share some helpful stuff again.

Saskatchewan first to strip trans people of their rights

We know where this headed. The government of Saskatchewan, under Scott Moe, has decided that they absolutely must strip trans kids of their right to dignity and safety because he feels that they are property.

I cannot

Twice, today, I broke down sobbing.

I find myself troubled

I see a lot of blog posts that have something to the effect of "I saw a trans person from afar" or similar and I have to say, I find it troubling.

My Barbie Moment

We're past spoiler moments now right? Well, maybe not, but suffice to say the last line of the Barbie movie landed on me like a ton of bricks and today was the day that I had that moment.  Okay spoilers ahead, you have been warned!

Why it is so hard to trust cis people

Yesterday an artist, well known for her feminist cartoons, posted a love cartoon to a certain fictional series written by the worlds most famous bigot. Many were unhappy.

No, Muslim Association of Canada, your stance is hateful

The Muslim Association of Canada insists that their anti-LGBTQ+ protests in Canada aren't hateful, demanding apologies, and to that I say: get fucked.

Scott Moe is a bigot

The Premier of Saskatchewan is placing himself on the wrong side of history with trans kids. Why? Because he is a bigot.

Saskatchewan is setting a terrible bar

The Premier of Saskatchewan is threatening to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to target and harm trans children.

I will cut people out of my life for this

The Conservative Party of Canada just voted to added blocks on gender affirming medical care for trans kids and to end race-based hiring. I'm done being polite to people in my life when it comes to this.


Nope, not going to watch it, going to learn it!

Bill Mahar is weak

The surest sign of a weak man is a man who feels the need to assert his manliness to the world. Bill Mahar is a weak man.

I am so angry at the harm

I don't know how else to put it. I am furious.

The Age of Snark

I was reading an article on the CBC website about a new vegan soft-serve ice cream based on a less well-known bean and, as you might predictably guess, the comment section is filled with people who will never eat this product snarking about it.

What I saw in my mirror

So, normally I somehow manage to totally miss milestone moments of opportunity, but today I managed to get one without even knowing it at that moment.

Meta is blocking news links in Canada

Meta, which benefits from information exchange on their platform to draw people to advertise at, is now blocking news links in Canada.

Good to see

So, the far right bigot brigade is attempting to intimidate businesses into dropping all public displays of support for the LGBTQ+ community and, in particular, the trans community. The latest target for this is Costa Coffee in the UK.

The Tone Police

Nothing makes me grind my teeth faster than seeing a cishet white man post about "civility" in society.

When I was no longer transitioning

I was in a great discussion today, with some trans friends at work, when I started describing the moment where I went from "I am transitioning" to "I have transitioned" in my mind and it's not when you would think!

I Loved it!

I saw Barbie last night and I loved it!


Thinking about the term "cis" or "cisgender" this week and that leads to some discussion topics.


I got a comment on a Facebook post last night that is quite gross.

Not Celebrating

It's Canada Day today and I'm not seeing a lot of reason to celebrate and, for that, I think I'll fly a different flag.

Tired of Religion Being Used as a Shield for Bigotry

"My faith requires me..." is a constant refrain of bigots, it's their shield against being held accountable for their deeply personal hate and I am so very tired of it.

Harm Under the Umbrella

I want to be able to perceive the crossdressing community as a natural ally to trans people, especially for trans women, but I see harm happening under the umbrella.

Toronto Pride 2023: The Trans March

Pride Weekend in Toronto kicked off with a huge celebration of Trans Joy and a push back on the bigots.

Pay Attention Cis Women

Way too many cis women are either complicit with or not paying attention to who is the real target of all of this transphobia.

Bigot and Coward

Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick, is a bigot and a coward. We're going to be exceedingly clear on this.

More GCS Tips

I'm just going to get into the habit of posting about this stuff as it comes to me. So, content warning ahead: talking vajayjay stuff!

White Feminism is alive and well

I never use the term "TERF" because there is nothing radical or truly feminist about anyone that seeks to control the right to define who is an acceptable woman.

The Umbrella

I saw a post, today, that suggests we're overly conflating gender-variance with being transgender. Respectfully, I have to disagree. 

Platforming a bigot is always bad

So, I follow a few different feminist accounts on social media and the vast majority of them are very aware of the larger context. However, there is one that consistently seems oblivious to it, unfortunately.

Overdue for Criminal Charges

I see fascist Canadians shout "Freedom of Speech" here in Canada, but I have a piece of news for you bigots: we don't have that. Hate speech is a criminal offence and some of you are overdue for consequences.

It's Rainbow Capitalism Season

Always fun to watch an iconic shopping centre celebrate the opening of an anti-LGBTQ+ business on the eve of Pride, a mere 8 days after they pretended to care about us on IDAHOBIT.

Tiresome (Updated)

Bigots went into a tizzy over Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney and they haven't stopped there. These whiners about "cancel culture" can't stop trying to cancel.

GCS Tip Time: All the blush that is unfit to print

I share a lot. Maybe too much. Okay, maybe not maybe. Anyways, I do share a lot, especially on my local Discord server, all the things I have been learning about my aftercare. Some of it is, well, rather earthy.

The Supreme Court of Canada took a vital step

On May 19, a somewhat innocuous seeming case made it way to the Supreme Court of Canada and the positive ramifications for trans rights in Canada are huge.

Not all [fill in the blank]

If you find yourself responding with "not all [fill in the blank]" in a context of discussing hate, violence, and violations of human rights then you're not on the right side of a discussion.

Sometimes I feel like giving up

I'm not going to give up, but it feels like such an uphill battle to get anyone in my life to actually pay attention.

Tip Time: Sudocrem

I honestly wish I had known about this weeks ago!

Dee Snider: The Boomer Years

The other day Dee Snider decided to throw his support for a somewhat incoherent, and definitely transphobic, post from Paul Stanley. It doesn't get better.

"Controversial" is a shield for bigots

If you have been following the hateful assault on Dylan Mulvaney, you may have noticed the overuse of a particular term in the media.

Two months!

Time flies! I wouldn't necessarily say "when you are having fun" with that, but it's actually been pretty good, especially as the weather is getting better!

I don't want to be brave

One of the more common things that gets said to me is that I am brave, but I don't want to be brave.

How I Learned to Hate Sports

I 've written and talked about how sports, and my being reasonably good at them, helped me protect my identity in a time when it was near impossible to talk about it. I loved sports. I hate sports now.

Failed when it mattered

I'm just going to be blunt: fuck the NHL. 

Post-GCS Life

I guess it's not totally  post-GCS, I'm going to be doing the rehab work for a lot of months yet, but in the meanwhile, some things that I think should be obvious have become more clear. Warning, possible TMI in here.

Did you think World Athletics was going to do anything different?

So, today we learn that World Athletics has voted to ban trans women from elite sport competition. Are you surprised? The head of it is from the UK. Go figure.

My Affirming Surgery experience (and some tips)

It's been a bit more than a month since my Galentine's Day miracle, and I have settled in to the routines of after care, so I've learned a few things along the way.