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Tiresome (Updated)

Bigots went into a tizzy over Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney and they haven't stopped there. These whiners about "cancel culture" can't stop trying to cancel.

First of all, let's talk about Bud Light for a moment: they fucked it up, but not in the way these anthropomorphic shit stains would have you believe. They fucked it up by caving and throwing people under the bus. You see, the bigots sound loud, but they're not as large a group of people to have done real damage to the Anheiser-Busch bottom line as the massive number of people that the company managed to anger by being craven cowards and giving into fascist white supremacists. So, yeah, no wonder their sales are sagging, nobody wants them now.

Now contrast that to the response of Nike or Hershey's in basically saying shut up to the bigots, we're here to be kind and inclusive and we don't have space for your hate. You'll notice that nobody is really talking about them in the media. It's simple: giving in to hate is not a sound marketing approach. Bud Light should pay attention.

That leads me to the latest, um target, in the bigot outrage machine: Target. Sadly, Target flubbed their entry into Canada, so I can only watch from afar, but they have entered into the shitty people discourse by selling gender affirming swimwear to trans people. Yes, that's the issue, because making it easier for trans people to feel more comfortable in a public space is inevitably going to rile up those who wish to shove us out of it. Hopefully, Target sticks to their principles and follows the examples of others in throwing the middle finger at these clods, but that remains to be seen.

Update: Target caved to the hate machine in rapid fashion. I hope the lesson they get here is that they lose the business of those that truly support LGBTQ+ rights because they made it clear that they didn't really support us, they just wanted our money. The bigots will be further emboldened in their terrorism as a result.

In the meanwhile, I am again reminded just how important the recent decision from the Supreme Court of Canada really is with respect to trans people. The reigning in of this shitstorm of fascist hate is urgently well over due.


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