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Tip Time: Sudocrem

I honestly wish I had known about this weeks ago!

As I understand it, Sudocrem is not very readily available in the United States and I have no idea why, but it's very useful! Basically, it's a cream for rashes, originally marketed for diaper rashes, but it's effective for all sorts of skin irritations and a tub of it lasts forever.

So, what's the tip? It really, really, helps with preventing irritation of the scars from GCS. The cream provides a protective moisture barrier with lanolin and it has a mild numbing effect that keeps the scars from being irritated by things like panty liners and pads. Given that it's used for diaper rash on babies, I figure it's got to be pretty gentle on the skin all in all and so far that is bearing out. 

Since using it, I have been significantly more comfortable with underwear and liners. That's good, I am heading back into the office 2-3 times a week starting next week and I think liners are going to be a feature of my life for the forseeable future. This will help a lot!

I should mention, you need a lot less than you think you need. I barely touch my finger to the surface of the cream to pick up some and that is plenty to cover a 6" long scar. I'm not kidding when I say a tub of this will last forever.

Anyways, that's the tip.


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