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Dee Snider: The Boomer Years

The other day Dee Snider decided to throw his support for a somewhat incoherent, and definitely transphobic, post from Paul Stanley. It doesn't get better.

So, shortly after doing that, San Francisco Pride dropped him from a planned event at Pride, citing the transphobia. Snider, rather than taking the opportunity to learn why he was wrong, goes to straight to classic cishet white "allyship" with the "I'm still an LGBT and trans ally, but..." 

He is tone policing. Basically, he's demanding that the trans community center his comfort over their safety and future. That's not allyship. He wants the benefits of looking like an ally, but doesn't want to do the hard work and he definitely wants to talk over the community.

Also, sorry Dee, "ally" is not a term you get to claim, that's the community's decision. Take a good, long, look at the comments from the bigots that are so happy that you doubled down on ignorance because you lacked the humility to acknowledge a mistake.

Things are hard enough for the trans community, we simply don't need, nor do we have time for, a tone policing ally. Thanks anyways.


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