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White cishet people should stop talking

Woke up this morning to a post on Facebook that tells us that even if we disagree, we should show respect for each other's opinions and not humiliate them. Let's be blunt: fuck no.

"Proud" is code

Every time a family member reposts or shares something from a group labeled "[something] Proud" a little part of me dies inside.

All Set!

With my surgery date a mere 3 weeks away as of Monday, I'm all set to go.

I Resolve

I don't do New Years Resolutions, but I kind of have one this year.

Sometimes we need red pandas

So, I woke this morning to discover that a former co-worker had posted a series of articles on different women's rights issues ranging from the US to Afghanistan to Iran on Facebook. Good, right?

1 Month Away!

My mind is still having a hard time comprehending that in one month I'll be in and then recovering from GCS.

I'm awhirl!

You know that thing you've been waiting for your whole life and it always felt so far away? Imagine that it is suddenly, and very surprisingly, here.

Social Media Catch-22

On the one hand, I really despise the state of "social" media today, it's truly a petrie dish of hate, but there's that part of me that wants to resist just closing it all down and forgetting it exists.

Thinking of a Brave New World

If you've never read Brave New World, I really recommend you do. It comes to mind because the government in that book used a drug, called soma, to keep the masses complacent with what they have.

Scrivener is remarkably useful

I don't write for a living, so under the circumstances, I wouldn't normally even consider a tool like Scrivener for myself, but it is so very useful.