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McGill University Platforming Hate

I pushed my earlier post back to draft because I feel this is more important. McGill University, in Montreal, has made the unconscionable decision to host a speaker from a well-known anti-trans hate group out of the UK.

Make no mistake, that is what they are. The so-called "LGB" alliance of mostly cisgendered heterosexuals is claiming to defend the LGB from the T. They focus their entire energy on attacking trans people and their rights and they have elevated the levels of anti-trans hate in the UK to levels unseen in decades, causing noticeable harm.

That McGill University is chosing to give them a voice, in Canada, is beyond the pale. The University is placing trans students in the way of harm, elevating a climate of hate, and treating our rights as a subject of debate. This is a behaviour designed to exclude and alienate their own students and it is hateful.

Shame, absolute shame on McGill for this. If you have any connection to the University or the city, I beg of you to write them in protest.


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