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I Resolve

I don't do New Years Resolutions, but I kind of have one this year.

One of my focuses for this year, which really started last year, was around self-care and mental health. I find myself often responding to world events that are far outside my realm of control. It is easy for me to get angry at what just happened in the UK and what is happening in the United States, but outside of my outrage, what can I do?

I have a little less than four weeks before I am scheduled for GCS. The focus I have now is really inward looking for the next few months, it has to be. It's a major life step, one I have been waiting for for as long as I have known, and that's a long time. More than a few friends have travelled this road recently and have had different journeys through it, it's a big deal for us, and recovery has its challenges. I want to be ready for that.

So, I resolve to declutter my mental spaces and create some positive energy. Sadly, it has meant unfollowing some people I admire in social spaces, muting some others, and the like, but I need to do that for now. Sometimes, you know, you just have to give yourself a break and heal too. I will aim my anger and outrage, in the future, in places where I can make a difference.


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