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White cishet people should stop talking

Woke up this morning to a post on Facebook that tells us that even if we disagree, we should show respect for each other's opinions and not humiliate them. Let's be blunt: fuck no.

I am really tired of the ignorant privilege of white cishet people. Tired. Not all opinions are worthy of respect, nor are all the people that hold them. I will have respect for a person with a shitty opinion if they come off that opinion as a result of learning facts or gaining empathy, people can grow and I will respect growth. I will have no respect for holders of opinions rooted in hate or bigotry, stop trying to demand that I do.

Too many people look at posts like that and think we're talking about pizza toppings or ice cream flavours. We are not. We are talking about human rights, the right to exist, the right to body autonomy. If you don't think I, or others, are entitled to those, I will absolute not respect you and will do my level best to humiliate and disgrace you as you are deserving of that.

It always seems to be the same people that post those memes about the how we all used to laugh in the 70s. You know, when racist, homophobic, transphobic, and antisemetic jokes were told and the targets of them laughed weakly to avoid further harm? Yeah, that time period. Again, shut up, a lot of us barely survived that and it wasn't good.

James Baldwin said it best. 

I'd really like to see white cishet people to stop telling me I need to respect bigots.



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