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Thinking of a Brave New World

If you've never read Brave New World, I really recommend you do. It comes to mind because the government in that book used a drug, called soma, to keep the masses complacent with what they have.

In the world we have today, we don't have soma, but we do have propaganda to mimic it. As we cruise into 2023, I think I have already lost count of the "be grateful for what you have" posts. Why? Why should I be? I'm not complacent.

If I operated my life with that advice, where I would be? Not where I am now. Why do people think complacency is a good message? I don't get it. 

To be honest, this is what feeds into the massive erosion of human rights that we're seeing now. People are constantly being told to be grateful for what they have. That's always been happening, it's a long used tool of oppression through religion, but it's so much more amplified by the world of social media. People like this are really just willing to accept it as it comes and that is how we end up with no rights.

Message from me: stop being complacent.


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