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"Proud" is code

Every time a family member reposts or shares something from a group labeled "[something] Proud" a little part of me dies inside.

I have yet to encounter a group with "Proud" in their name that isn't a rooted in white supremecy and far right social conservatism. Every one has been hateful, selfish, and designed to ensure that the marginalized are harmed to the benefit of cisgender heterosexual white people. 

I have a lot of family members that seem to really miss the forest for the trees here. They see a post, seems okay, they repost it and never look at the source of the post. The reason these groups don't flood the social networks with hate 24/7 is for recruiting. It's how they socialize people into their circles and they are very good at this. They pull on hidden prejudices and tie them to real concerns and they get you to shift your blame from those causing it to those most deeply impacted by it.

This is the playbook of fascism, it's been used before. Make no mistake, even the most generous of people are vulnerable to this. If nothing else, they can be rendered neutral and neutral is effectively supporting oppression through being passive.

I really wish people in my life would understand that every time they boost these groups, even innocently, they are raising the risk to me and my future even just a hair. Don't think I don't feel that.


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