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Scrivener is remarkably useful

I don't write for a living, so under the circumstances, I wouldn't normally even consider a tool like Scrivener for myself, but it is so very useful. 

For anyone not familiar, Scrivener is an all-in-one writing tool that enables authors to organize, track research and goals, and then produce a finished manuscript in a huge variety of formats. It's an app designed for authors, script writers, and more. It also happens to be an absolutely excellent tool for anyone who wants to journal!

One of the things that makes this super useful is features like templating. Templating allows you to design layouts and pages expressly for your purpose. The interface for doing this is confusing and disjointed, to be quite honest, but it is very powerful. When put to work, it makes a lot of things simple to execute. Mind you, you do not have to dive into this world yourself, Scrivener comes with a bunch and a lot of people have made more available.

So, ways you can use it:


I created daily journal format with page templates for my first year on HRT. I found that I could very quickly organize my thoughts and keep a structured layout. As I was progressing, I used the templating feature to structure different kinds of journal pages based on the goals I was working on, such as exercise or diet.

Lesson Book

As I started my voice training back in 2020, I used Scrivener to organize and structure all of my notes and work pages to enable me to better organize my daily practice. Having it all in this one place, organized by warm up, practice, and reading was really useful.


This one was an epiphany to me. I have a physical grimoire that I am writing in, but I am now using that primarily for basic notes and ideas, including spell capture. For much more wordy things, I wanted to really be able to write, with images and diagrams, in way that was easier to manage and so a grimoire template! It's really nice because I can organized and structure to have my information as desired, I can template types of pages (such as herbs, minerals, spells, etc.) to help me ensure I capture information, and so much more. The cool thing is, I can compile it to PDF and make it available on devices like my phone and iPad when I want and when I make changes. It makes my grimoire extremely portable!

Anyways, this is a great tool, even if you're not a professional writer. So much easier to manage and organize writing using a tool like this rather than a word processor.


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