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Three Years and a Lifetime Ago

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my sharing my true self with the world around me. I feel like that means that it's not a bad time to reflect.
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Ballet and Getting in Tune with your Body

I have a couple of classes left in my first ballet course and I was thinking about what the class has done for me so far.

Not Controversial: He's a Bigot

Incredibly disappointing, and deeply frightening, to see that the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives have allowed a bigot to testify as an expert on a subject that he has no expertise on.

More GCS Stuff

As I posted about recently, I just had a full physical and exam a short while ago and I thought I would share some helpful stuff again.

Saskatchewan first to strip trans people of their rights

We know where this headed. The government of Saskatchewan, under Scott Moe, has decided that they absolutely must strip trans kids of their right to dignity and safety because he feels that they are property.

I cannot

Twice, today, I broke down sobbing.

I find myself troubled

I see a lot of blog posts that have something to the effect of "I saw a trans person from afar" or similar and I have to say, I find it troubling.