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Platforming a bigot is always bad

So, I follow a few different feminist accounts on social media and the vast majority of them are very aware of the larger context. However, there is one that consistently seems oblivious to it, unfortunately.
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Overdue for Criminal Charges

I see fascist Canadians shout "Freedom of Speech" here in Canada, but I have a piece of news for you bigots: we don't have that. Hate speech is a criminal offence and some of you are overdue for consequences.

It's Rainbow Capitalism Season

Always fun to watch an iconic shopping centre celebrate the opening of an anti-LGBTQ+ business on the eve of Pride, a mere 8 days after they pretended to care about us on IDAHOBIT.

Tiresome (Updated)

Bigots went into a tizzy over Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney and they haven't stopped there. These whiners about "cancel culture" can't stop trying to cancel.

GCS Tip Time: All the blush that is unfit to print

I share a lot. Maybe too much. Okay, maybe not maybe. Anyways, I do share a lot, especially on my local Discord server, all the things I have been learning about my aftercare. Some of it is, well, rather earthy.

The Supreme Court of Canada took a vital step

On May 19, a somewhat innocuous seeming case made it way to the Supreme Court of Canada and the positive ramifications for trans rights in Canada are huge.

Not all [fill in the blank]

If you find yourself responding with "not all [fill in the blank]" in a context of discussing hate, violence, and violations of human rights then you're not on the right side of a discussion.