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Sunday Thoughts

Life has been busy lately and part of me is wondering how it got there!

I had a chance to go see Medea at the Canadian Opera Company a little more than a week ago. I think I had this notion that I couldn't possibly like Opera because, I dunno, preconceived notions, but it was absolutely fabulous. I did, mind you, appreciate the subtitle pixel board that translated the music. I will definitely go see more! 

I also spoke on a panel at a Pediatric Academic Societies annual conference on 2SLGBTQ+ health care, primarily with respect to youth, but based on my own lived experiences. I'm obviously a fair distance from "youth" now, but I was once a trans kid in a world with no path forward and I am very anxious to ensure that the bigots don't undo all the hard work that got his here today. I've climbed the ladder, I am at home in my body, so now I have to make sure that the ladder isn't destroyed by those who hate us for existing.

Anyways, it was a good discussion with lots of good questions. I did get asked about the odious Cass Report and I commented that Cass clearly had a conclusion that she was searching for evidence to support. To hold trans positive information up to a standard that is not only untenable (you cannot morally withhold blockers from a trans kid with a placebo and tell them they're being treated), but also not applied to anything anti-trans is clearly an agenda. That she invited the deeply hateful anti-science SEGM into the conversation ices the cake of her bigtory. Frankly, if she was in Canada, I would be filing a medical malpractice complaint against her. That won't happen in the UK, sadly, because she was always the creature of a bigoted far-right Tory government and was always going to do their bidding.

My breast augmentation healing has come a long way. It's been 7 weeks already and I landed comfortably at a solid 36C, which is what I was aiming for. As I said to some friend, my goal was to be bigger, not big. Turns out, as I was doing some research, women generally prefer breasts that are around a C cup in size! Anyways, they've been settling really well and I looking better and better all the time.

I am, I must admit, just how small the surgical scars are. I guess I was expecting them to be bigger, but it turns out that the impants squeeze quite small and are inserted using a tube. Wild. Anyways, I hope the use of scar gel will fade the already small incisions in short order. In the meanwhile, I need to bikini shop again because the tops I have are no longer a good fit!

Anyways, between my voice lessons, ballet classes, my Pflag board activities, and all the mentoring stuff I am doing, life has found away to keep me busy and, more importantly, engaged in my communities! Now, I am off to brunch with a friend from my ballet classes.

Whether it's transition, dance, or anything else like I always say: it's never too late. 


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