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It's Rainbow Capitalism Season

Always fun to watch an iconic shopping centre celebrate the opening of an anti-LGBTQ+ business on the eve of Pride, a mere 8 days after they pretended to care about us on IDAHOBIT.

I commented, the other day, that this is the year we're really going to see stand up vs shut up when it comes to corporate support of LGBTQ+ people. We're going to get the Nike and Hershey's pushing back on the hate, but we're also going to get the Anheuser-Busch and Target world bowing to it. This is our opportunity to see them for what they are.

Enter Cadillac Fairview and the Toronto Eaton Centre. It's already beyond offensive to many of us that Chick-fil-A is even in this country, let alone in something as iconic as the Eaton Centre, literally blocks away from the Church St. Village and home to a community that this hateful business has funded the global persecution of. That is offensive on a great many fronts, but to celebrate the opening less than a week from Pride Month? Ah, Cadillac Fairview decided not to stand up.

In other words, all of their inclusion messages on social media are bullshit. I intend to call them out for it too. You don't get to hoist rainbows and talk about Pride while giving space to funding hate. That's not how it works.

So, CF Eaton Centre has told us who they are. Believe them.


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