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Post-GCS Life

I guess it's not totally post-GCS, I'm going to be doing the rehab work for a lot of months yet, but in the meanwhile, some things that I think should be obvious have become more clear. Warning, possible TMI in here.

I think our anatomy has an influence on what we may or may not consider to be important to be aware of and a great example of this is toilet paper. Generally speaking, we all need it, but how much really changes. In the past, a package of 8 rolls of toilet paper was good for a couple of months, minimum, with me home full time. Now? I've gone through 6 rolls in a week and a half! I appreciate that there's a bit more happening at this stage of my healing, but that's kind of a big change. Expect to reconsider your consumption levels.

Also, if you never paid much attention to softness, start. I always did, but the ante has been upped now, so gimme the soft as a cloud experience. Makes me wonder if I should be carrying a roll...

When I was preparing for the trip to the clinic, they said to buy three nightgowns. I figured I would hitch them up for dilation a lot and that I would want them out of the way as I slept to allow for drainage (you sleep on your back for quite a while), so I bought ones that came to about mid-thigh. Once I started sleeping more normally again, I found the mid-thigh length to be annoying as, by morning, I'd basically be in a halter top. So, I have now bought a few that come down to mid-calf. I would have had them earlier if I had known, so something to consider. I don't plan on these permanently, more likely sleep shorts, but with the much shorter urethra, undies are out for sleeping. I'll pass on UTIs if I can.

Maxi pads suck. Seriously. I mean, I think we all know this instinctively, and cis women could tell you this, but there's no substitute for experience! So, experienced now, they suck. Trust me on this. Anyways, there's a brand of underwear, Knix, that has period undies that don't require pads. I'm not at a stage where I am bleeding anymore, whew, but the routines of sitz baths and douching post dilation means that I am draining even well after and so you want something to pick that moisture up and keep you dry. Your mileage may vary, but the Knix period or incontenence undies may do the trick for you and replace the pads. Pads suck.

Flexible, rectangular, ice packs are really helpful. Swelling will be many months as the healing process continues, but you can help that with the ice packs. I got a two pack of 11" x 5.5" packs off Amazon and they are perfect. Wrap them up in a towel and ice away comfortably, I usually do a half hour before and after dilation.

I did, ultimately, buy the hospital table for bedside and, let me tell you, it was totally worth it. I am so very glad I did it as it just makes the dilation process so much easier and, when I am drying out (which is about an hour), makes using my laptop or reading a book simple. Very recommend this.

Anyways, that's what is immediately to mind. I'll keep blogging my learnings as I go, I feel like someone will be able to use all of this in the future!


  1. Much of this will pass, but things like choice of underwear and nightwear may well change permanently. Many of the things you were previously close to will now be "full on". You are definitely right that the anatomy leads the way, my personal experience has been that many of the most telling changes post GCS were mental ~ I find it quite difficult to put into words, but I have been more confident, more complete, more homogenous.

    There is so much I have observed over the last few years that brings to mind my ex's observation that "now you get it!", and that includes expenditure on loo paper!


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