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I will cut people out of my life for this

The Conservative Party of Canada just voted to added blocks on gender affirming medical care for trans kids and to end race-based hiring. I'm done being polite to people in my life when it comes to this.

The CBC is reporting that the CPC have voted to add policies targetting trans and racial minority rights. While this is party policy, as opposed to any law, they have set the stage for the next election where human rights in Canada could be at threat of being rolled back by decades and trans kids, in particular, can be severely harmed. This is pure bigotry at play, the CPC is captured by far-right hate mongers and these are the people that are setting their policy.

Quick update: They've also added the usual "women's only spaces" policy, so bathroom laws are potentially coming to Canada too. 

This obviously means that the next federal election in Canada is beyond critical if we want to maintain our forward progression as a society. We know that this bigotry is the mere tip of the iceberg, that further attacks on our rights are sure to follow if they have any success here. These policies are right out of the US, we know where they lead.

I have made it clear to people in my life: you cannot remain a part of it if you intend to vote for this party. I will absolutely cut them off if they don't choose otherwise. There is absolutely nobody, absolutely nobody, close enough to me for it to be acceptable to vote to harm me and my community. 

I'm done being polite about this.


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