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Scott Moe is a bigot

The Premier of Saskatchewan is placing himself on the wrong side of history with trans kids. Why? Because he is a bigot.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, he is placing trans kids in harms way and will force that by using the notwithstand clause of Charter in order to ensure that his harm proceeds. There will be blood on his hands for this but, as with all hateful bigots, you cannot shame him with that truth. He doesn't care. He'd rather kids be dead than be trans.

Do you know what is more life altering than changing your name and pronouns at school? Death. The suicidality of trans youth skyrockets when they are left without safe spaces and support. The stats are extremely clear on this front and yet this bigot will ignore all of that because he hates trans people and thinks he can stop them from being trans with this.

I'm not putting a soft sell on anythink like this anymore. Willfully endangering the lives of young people because of bigotry is pure hate. That this is happening, in Canada, in 2023, is the most heartbreaking and terrifying thing to me. I am so angry and upset. 

Kids are not safe in this country.


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