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Bill Mahar is weak

The surest sign of a weak man is a man who feels the need to assert his manliness to the world. Bill Mahar is a weak man.

So Bill, in his desperate attempt to remain relevant, joined the stunted "manosphere" bro on Spotify to let us all know that if he was trans, he'd be man enough to manage it somehow. He then goes on to spout made up "facts" about lifespans and health outcomes for those who have affirming surgery. Yet another armchair warrior, his mettle never to be tested.

Of course Bill, like others in this incel-driven slap-happy culture, have really no understanding of what it means to be trans and so have no understanding of what kind of fortitude it takes to transition. You know what is strong? Being true to yourself in the face of an onslaught of ignorance and hate. Holding on to your core identity despite every effort of people like Bill to try and rip it from you. This is strength.

When I began my transition a little more than 3 years ago, this current firestorm of bigotry was just a rumble. I saw it coming, I even have a blog post from 2018 that talks about its rise in the UK, and yet despite that, I transitioned. I would not change that even knowing what I know today. Why? Because unlike Bill, I am not weak. Unlike Bill, I know what it means to be trans and what it means to need to transition. I stood up in the fire that surrounds us and fought to be me. I am so much stronger than these pathetic bigots.

So, yeah, fuck Bill Mahar. He's weak man. Just like stunted Spotify boy and the incel kermit doing his damndest to lose his license to practice in Ontario. They're all weak men.


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