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Saskatchewan is setting a terrible bar

The Premier of Saskatchewan is threatening to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to target and harm trans children.

We're now getting a first hand view of the implications of far-right white supremacy's use of transphobic hate is willing to do in Canada. They're already planning to strip away the rights of trans kids, an explicit admission that so-called "parental rights" isn't a legal framework, it's just term to disguise bigotry.

Ask yourself this question: If they are willing to strip children of their rights in pursuit of harm, what are the limits that they are not willing to cross?

It doesn't take much to see that there isn't any. What we're seeing in the United States is that trans rights are the wedge that they're using to rollback human rights across the board. They start with the "we're protecting children" and "we're making sure parents are involved in 'life-changing' decisions" and they couch it to sound reasonable. Then they start moving the goalposts and target adults, then racial minorities, then women, and more. 

They're not interested in protecting children. Far from it. Where has a Conservative government of any sort actually dealt with the real harm? Kids being murdered in their schools. Kids being assaulted by clergy. Kids being trafficked by cishet men. They do none of this, they actually protect those who do those things. They don't care about kids, they care about control and fear is a tool that they use.

Don't think that isn't happening? Go look at Florida or Texas. Where do you think the Conservative blueprint is coming from?  

This is coming to Canada unless we stop it now. We have to stop it now. There's really no other choice, lives are truly on the line.


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