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Good to see

So, the far right bigot brigade is attempting to intimidate businesses into dropping all public displays of support for the LGBTQ+ community and, in particular, the trans community. The latest target for this is Costa Coffee in the UK.

If you hadn't heard, Costa Coffee featured a trans man, scars and all, in a mural they had created and that is, of course, getting the usual crowd of UK white supremecists in a full frenzy of bigoted outrage. Now, let's be clear, you'd have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the rabid transphobic bigotry gripping dreary old Blighty and I am sure Costa was super aware of this and that means they did it very deliberately. Good on them!

More importantly, they stood by it publicly stating it is to, "celebrate the diversity of our customers, team members and partners." This is a huge credit to Costa, because they're making a clear stand against the bigots in the UK and we need to be seeing more of that and, interestingly, we have been seeing more of that recently. I think the clear insanity of this bigotry, and the very direct harm it has been doing to cis women and girls, is starting to bring some people and businesses to their senses.

So, despite what that anthropomorphic sack of dog shit in a skin suit, UK Tory MP John Glen, thinks, there's no truth to the "go woke, go broke" nonsense. The reason Bud Light took a hit was not from the frothing swamp goblins shooting cases of beer having a normal one, it was because they tried to walk it all back and thus angered everyone else. Bud Light's leadership sent the message that it was all a sham and we paid attention. The issue here was trying to be neutral, the same mistake Target made.

Alternately Patagonia, Hershey's, YWCA, etc. all tossed up the middle finger at the bigots and, surprise surprise, they aren't going broke. The secret, all in, is not to cave to shitty fascists. I mean, caving to the same people that thought the cosmetics industry was going to toss drag under the bus? Or that people wouldn't go to see Barbie because Benny-boy was having a melt down? Seriously, Bud Light and Target screwing up has made these gas bags delusional.

No, John Glen, despite what your nasty, bigoted, little mind may think, Costa did absolutely the right thing. Trans people exist and we're very disinterested in making you feel big by going into hiding about it. Get fucked.

Thank you Costa Coffee for doing the right thing.


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