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What I saw in my mirror

So, normally I somehow manage to totally miss milestone moments of opportunity, but today I managed to get one without even knowing it at that moment.

I'm not really sure what possessed me to try on some lingerie that I have this morning, but I decided to do so anyways. It usually sits in a drawer as I haven't had a reason to take it out, or so I thought. Yet, I found myself really wanting to try now that the rather scanty undies that come with would actually fit properly, so I dug it out.

Dayum. I needed to see me in that today. I didn't imagine that it would matter so much, you know? It's just lingerie, right? It mattered. I looked good and I felt good. I felt, well, desirable.

It's the 6 month anniversary of my GCS today. I hadn't even really thought about it, but it's a milestone and, for whatever reason, it was the day I chose to do this and I felt desirable.

I needed to know that.


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