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Meta is blocking news links in Canada

Meta, which benefits from information exchange on their platform to draw people to advertise at, is now blocking news links in Canada.

This is all in response to Canadian legislation requiring them to pay back to the content creators driving traffic. Basically, Facebook and Instagram are content sharing sites and the act of sharing attracts people to the site giving Facebook a very large advertising audience. The Canadian government, not the only one thinking this way either, thinks that Meta should share a bit of those billions in profit as result.

Not surprisingly Zuck, who apparently needs another yacht or something, decided that Facebook and Instagram would block links to news sites for Canadians. Since this is primarily a discussion about the sharing of ad revenue, my solution is to now block every advertiser that lands in my feed.

Remember folks, you're the actual product that Meta is selling. If they can't get your eyes, advertisers may decide to go elsewhere. So, block the advertisers. Money talks.


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