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I am so angry at the harm

I don't know how else to put it. I am furious.

Ontario is the latest Province to join the Conservative war  on trans kids, ahead of the general planned discussion by the Conservative Party of Canada to really harm them if they get power. Another one of those "you need to have the parent involved for pronouns at school" test balloons of bigotry being sent up, but these are so very deeply harmful in two ways.

First, it takes away safe spaces for trans kids. We know, experts know, that the rates of self-harm for trans kids plummet when they have safe and affirming spaces. Up until very recently, if that space wasn't at home, then at least they had their school. Conservatives want to take that away from them too. They do it under the banner of "parental rights" and yet never seem to pay any attention to the rights of kids to be safe, respected, and protected. 

If a kid isn't feeling safe to tell parents, there is a reason for it. If you make it unsafe for them to tell teachers or other school confidants, what's left for them? What do you think will happen when they lose that space? We know what will happen, we have those stats. Even if teachers refuse to participate in this groteseque harm, kids will still be afraid to speak, they can't trust it. How deeply harmful and isolating this policy is.

Second, what about the teachers? Can you imagine what it would be like for a teacher that was forced to break that trust and the result was tragedy? I couldn't possibly live with that on my conscience if I was in their place. What a truly horrific place to put teachers. They risk their careers or a child with this policy. It is beyond disgusting that bigotry would put them there.

I'm so tired. I've been telling everyone in my life that this is coming here. So many have ignored me or told me I was wrong. It is here. 

I will be cutting people out of my life for this. There are people that have enabled this and I cannot forgive them for it.


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