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More GCS Stuff

As I posted about recently, I just had a full physical and exam a short while ago and I thought I would share some helpful stuff again.

So, my physical checkup had the usual stuff: weight, height, bloodwork, and so on. As well as there were a bunch of questions and, of course, my first trip to the stirrups since my dressing, stent, and catheter were removed post-surgery. For the most part, everything is checking out really good, my doctor is pleased with the outcomes and I'm doing very well from every angle except fighting a bit of hypergranulation.

On that front, hypergranulation this far along is not actually unusual. My doctor attempted the silver nitrate treatment, but the area had been too disturbed and was bleeding too much, so she prescribed a steroid gel and a change in douching solution. The solution is actually 50/50 water and white vinegar!

I have to say, though, I noticed a huge change in a couple of days. Basically solution options break down into three categories:

  • Hypotonic - There will be a net exchange of moisture into the body. Regular water is hypotonic.
  • Isotonic - There will be no exchange of moisture. Saline solutions are isotonic and this is what I had been using.
  • Hypertonic - The will be a net exchange of moisture out of the body. The vinegar and water solution is hypertonic and this aids in drying out the region and helping to heal the granulated tissue.

In practical outcomes, the first few days with the steroid gel and douche, the output clearly contained blood and tissue. Around day 4, this ceased, and the result ran clear and has stayed that way. Progress!

Another outcome was post dilation discharge during the day has been substantially reduced. I feel like I am pretty close to being able to stop using panty liners regularly and that will be amazing. Let me tell you, I won't miss needing to use them.

Anyways, doing some additional reading, if you're prone to getting some hypergranulation then a switch to a hypertonic douching solution may be just the thing to clear it up. I'm less than 4 months away from being able to wind down my dilation routine towards once or twice a week and that will be wonderful.

On the subject of an actual gyno exam, it was okay. My doctor was really good at explaining what would happen, went slowly, and kept me informed along the way. She first used a clear, funnel-like, device to look, but then needed to use a speculum to try an treat the granulated tissue, so I got both. You know how amazing my doc is? She ran the speculum under warm water for a minute. I so appreciated that! I had socks on, so the stirrups were fine, but they do have oven mitts available should the need arise.

Finally, during my physical I was asked about exercise and, aside from walking about 7km a day, I mentioned that I am taking ballet. My doctor was impressed! 🩰


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