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No, Muslim Association of Canada, your stance is hateful

The Muslim Association of Canada insists that their anti-LGBTQ+ protests in Canada aren't hateful, demanding apologies, and to that I say: get fucked.

Your protests are absolutely hateful. I don't care what rationale you want to slap on it, but you're out there trying to prevent innocent people from living fully and authentically as themselves and that is the definition of hateful. I'm not giving ground or grace on this one: protesting our existence, and protesting learning about our existence, is an act of hate, full stop.

We need to stop giving religion a pass when it comes to bigotry. I don't care what deity you believe in, if that belief is teaching you to hate then I have zero time or care for it. It doesn't deserve my respect.

Anyways, back to the original point: get fucked. You don't deserve an apology for calling your bigotry out for what it is, that is nonsensical.


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