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Not Controversial: He's a Bigot

Incredibly disappointing, and deeply frightening, to see that the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives have allowed a bigot to testify as an expert on a subject that he has no expertise on.

If you're not familiar with James Cantor, you're lucky. He is currently making a living causing harm to trans people throughout red States in the United States, passing himself off as knowledgeable on the subject of transgender care and science, and has since been attempting to do so here. He is a psychologist, from Toronto, but his expertise does not lie in transgender care, it lies in atypical sexualities. That hasn't stopped him from the trying to gatekeep access to gender affirming care for those who need it, in the fine tradition of the other bigots that have made their way through what used to be the Clarke Institute in Toronto, despite his actual lack of expertise and his admission he has not treated young trans people. Thank fucking gawd for the latter, can you imagine what this shit human would do to a vulnerable trans kid? I'm naseous thinking about it.

Anyways, along with Blanchard and Zucker, this disgrace to his profession has managed to continue the harm of that institute towards trans people. This is something CAMH has truly failed to address in the years since they subjected our community to brutal mistreatment and a big part of why I will never recommend them to others. If they actually gave a shit about the mental health of trans people they could start by helping to get the licenses of these hate mongers revoked.

In any event, the CBC has reported that the Controversial psychologist allowed to testify as expert in B.C. nurse's discipline hearing and that is sending a message from the College: they are not safe for trans people. It's not controversial, Cantor is a bigoted transphobe and his motivation for harm is money. Giving him voice creates severe risk for trans people, especially in this climate of hate created by far right white supremacists, and the College should be utterly ashamed for it.


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