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Saskatchewan first to strip trans people of their rights

We know where this headed. The government of Saskatchewan, under Scott Moe, has decided that they absolutely must strip trans kids of their right to dignity and safety because he feels that they are property.

Let's be clear, the absolute outcome of this decision is harm. Moe, and the bigoted crew that supported him, have decided that kids are property and undeserving of safe spaces to understand their identity and feel comfortable in who they are. Property. That is what Moe has determined them to be: Property.

If you're a parent and you think you have rights rather than responsibilities with respect to your children then you are absolutely unfit to parent. Full stop. Kids have rights, especially a right to safety and dignity. No parent should ever be allowed to choose otherwise. This is an utterly evil decision today.

This is just the start. It's pretty obvious that Higgs and New Brunswick will want to try this, though support for his bigotry is less solid in his party, thankfully, but I'm sure that he's thinking about it. This is the mainstay of conservatism really, the notion that children are not human beings, that they are property and parents have rights over them.

For trans people, we've been served notice: we have no rights. Conservatives have sent the message, they will strip of us of our rights to safety and they will not stop there. 


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