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Pay Attention Cis Women

Way too many cis women are either complicit with or not paying attention to who is the real target of all of this transphobia.

Let's be brutally honest here, the bans on trans girls playing school sports has absolutely nothing to do with "protecting" girls sports. No sane person looking at the evidence of sport participation by trans girls would ever call out an actual problem to solve here, there is no wave of boys transitioning to dominance in girls sport. The math doesn't add up and nobody is transitioning for this purpose and, in the decades for which the trans community has been competing, no trans girl or woman has dominated any sport.

No, there is no actual demonstrated "risk" for girls or womens sport, it's an absurd proposition. So, why? Well, take a hard look at some of the places this happening and what is happening as a result. The recent incident in Kelowna really sheds some light: this is about policing women's appearance and about making sport, and other pursuits outside of looking after men and having babies for them, undesirable. None of these men give a flying fuck about women's sport as they never watch and never will. 

So, when you look closer at these places, notably the many US States dominated by old, white, Republican men, we see: abortion and other reproductive rights being severely curtailed, trans medical care severely restricted or banned, birth control under attack, no-fault divorce under attack, and more. All the clues are there and it's tied to "replacement theory" in a big way and they're doing all this using trans people, notably trans women, as air cover.

You see, by feigning "concern" about keeping women's sport "protected" from those "evil transes" who just want those amazing "sex-based" rights that women have (good grief, the UK bigots are special with that concept), they can make things like sport just undesirable. That's why they need you to share your period data, examine your genitals, do genetic testing, and more just in case there's that one trans girl, wants to play soccer in grade 3 in the entire State, sneaks through and forever mars the sanctity of the game. Who's winning here? Feeling "protected" yet?

There's been a huge wakeup call in the US, as we pass through the anniversary of the Dobbs decision, so it's critical that nobody hits the snooze button, because that's actually what has been happening. The far right has been chasing after the rights of anybody that isn't cisgender, heterosexual, white, and most especially male and they've had success doing it because far too many are asleep.

So, congrats cis folks on losing decades of civil rights advancements, but at least that trans girl isn't playing soccer with her friends.


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