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Bigot and Coward

Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick, is a bigot and a coward. We're going to be exceedingly clear on this.

In case you're not in tune with the news, the Premier of NB, ordered a review of Policy 713 which provided guidance to NB schools on LGBTQ+ inclusion. The policy, which was authored by the Conservatives, provided guidelines to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ children across the Province. Not surprisingly, bigots had issue with this and, as it turns out, Higgs is sympathetic to their bigotry.

The biggest change, and the one that puts children at risk, has to do with, surprise surprise, trans kids. Basically, Higgs wants to force kids to get parental permission before adopting a chosen name and new pronouns at school. This is harmful, period. How?

It's fairly simple, but basically boils down to forcing a child to risk the harm of having their identity and sense of self brutalized at school and at home, or to risk possible violence and rejection from parents and family. Let's be clear here: LGBTQ+ youth homelessness is a horrific stat, approaching 40% of all homeless youth in a world where they're 10-15% of the population. Queer kids risk everything when they come out and there is no way that Higgs doesn't know that and forcing them into the closet or risk harm in situations where they know better than him is pure bigotry.

Kids test the waters of their identity, how they will be welcomed and supported, in school settings with their friends and peers. It's usually a safe space for them and Higgs wants to take that away. This is bigotry and it's a deliberate attempt to create harm. I sincerely hope the teachers in the Province refuse to follow this directive, I really do. I implore them to do the right thing for these kids.

I don't want to hear about "parent's rights" because that nonsense comes from people that should be investigated for abusive behaviour and you can be damn sure none of them are safe for trans kids. Kids have a right to be safe and that includes being safe from abusive family and, because of that, parents do not have a right to know everything. Kids are not property, they are human beings and deserving of protection. Higgs should know this, but given that he is a bigot, he doesn't care. He'd rather LGBTQ+ kids be crushed by the weight of being in the closet, even if it leads to self harm or unaliving themselves.

Yeah, I am being blunt here because every single expert and advocacy group has told him this.

Which brings me to his cowardice: he knows this is wrong and he is dodging all feedback avenues to hearing about it. A man with true courage of his convictions, however bigoted and warped they might be, would face the conversation and he doesn't.

Blaine Higgs is a bigot and coward. The evidence is clear and I hope the people of New Brunswick send him packing as soon as possible. 


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