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More GCS Tips

I'm just going to get into the habit of posting about this stuff as it comes to me. So, content warning ahead: talking vajayjay stuff!

I keep learning about new things as I go!

First, pad rash is a thing. It's quite similar to diaper rash as it's caused by excessive moisture on the skin. So if your pad or liner is trapping moisture, a rash can result. I find that drainage from dilation can lead to that, but the good news is that there is a great answer: Sudocrem! Not only is it great for general protection of scars, it's a great barrier to protect against (and help heal) pad rash. I try to do it after all of my dilation sessions now.

Speaking of pads or liners, expect to need them for a long time to come. The frequency of need will reduce over time, but I suspect you'll want to use them for the day after dilating. So, in the first year, daily! Drainage from dilation will be a thing and so I keep them available in my purse all the time. Additionally, with a related tip, roll up a pair of panties and stick them in a baggie to keep as an emergency pair in your purse because sometimes the drainage goes beyond the liner.

Dilation and small amounts of blood is still going to be common in the months after GCS. It's not a lot, like some small amount of red in the lube after, but still present. It's okay, to be expected, but always listen to your body and if you have a concern, check in with your doc. It will lessen as dilation requirements lessen because dilation is introducing some trauma to the region.

Expect some clothing types will take longer to feel comfortable again. I find, for example, I can wear yoga pants just fine, but tight jeans are an issue. I think it has a lot to do with give in the crotch area and, as a result, I've been stocking up on loose fitting pants like parachute pants (which are also cute has heck) instead. I do want to get back into jeans again, but that's still a bit out there it would seem.

Finally, moulded chair seats are not your friend. I've been assuming that it was largely a function of persistent swelling and healing that made them uncomfortable but, nope, they just suck if you have a vagina. So the combination of healing and having a vagina makes them incredibly uncomfortable and that's truly annoying. Anyways, had to get a memory foam pad for my office chair and that seems to be doing the trick.


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