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Tired of Religion Being Used as a Shield for Bigotry

"My faith requires me..." is a constant refrain of bigots, it's their shield against being held accountable for their deeply personal hate and I am so very tired of it.

I don't want to be anti-religion, but bigotry is being shielded by religion, notably Christianity, and the sole answer from many religious figures is "that's fake Christianity!" No it's not, that is Christianity. The entire history of it is rife with this hatred, so it's not new and pretending that these bigots are an anomoly is nonsense. They're very much a manifestation of their faith and it's time those calling themselves "real Christians" do something about it.

The recent SCOTUS decision in the US for 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis is a classic example of this. The bigot running that company manufactured a story about a gay couple and then let the hate group known as, fucking laughably, Alliance Defending Freedom to help them run it up the legal system. The end result? You can wield religion as an excuse for being a bigot. Christians so "Godly" that they lied to get the legal right to discriminate. It's only a matter of time before the SCOTUS destroys marriage equality. It will happen.

Now, let's move north to my side of the border where the Catholic School Board in Calgary has decided to continue the Catholic tradition of harming vulnerable children by requiring their teachers to deadname trans students. Of course they did. This is a religious group that has only sexually assaulted and murdered thousands of children in North America over the last hundred years, so I suppose this is one of their less harmful actions of hate? Maybe? I dunno, but when your faith has a long history of shielding pedophiles, you're on shaky ground for any moral claims about your faith and the LGBTQ+ community.

Of course, all of this stuff with Catholic boards (see York region in Ontario for some more Catholic harm) here is using their faith as a shield for their bigotry. No surprise given all the other things that they're happy to use it as a shield for. Still absolutely disgusting and even more so that we continue to allow them any role whatsoever in education. The fact that Catholic schools even continue to exist is a stain on our social fabric in Canada.

Anyways, I'm spitting nails at the moment. We're witnessing a massive rollback of human rights in many places and that is starting to happen here too. Make no mistake, if you're not a cishet white man, they're coming for you too.


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