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"Controversial" is a shield for bigots

If you have been following the hateful assault on Dylan Mulvaney, you may have noticed the overuse of a particular term in the media.

Time and again, I'd read a story in the media on the far right bigot attacks on Dylan and what kept standing out for me is the media would refer to her as "controversial trans actress and activist."  That is a shield for bigots.

Dylan has spent the past year sharing her personal journey to anyone interested and, as it turns out, millions are interested. She has been existing and living, sharing joy, and that is not controversial. Bigots may rage about her happiness, but what should be controversial is that bigots even have a voice to do this. What should be controversial is how Bud Light responded to this hate and why organizations like Toronto Pride would allow them to remain a sponsor. 

Trans people exist. I don't give a flying fuck if you understand why or not, we exist, we have always existed and we will continue to exist. We are part of the human condition and cannot be erased, these deeply hateful assaults on our community will not stop people from being trans. Enough with the notion that our existence is a debatable topic. What should be controversial is that anyone thinks that doing so is a valid position. 

The notion of "controversy" here is a shield for deeply hateful, harmful, bigots and we really need to stop elevating that type of hate to being a public disagreement. 

If anyone should be in a closet, it's bigots.


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