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Some progress in Scotland

So, today, the Scottish parlaiment passed their Gender Reform Act and moved forward the rights of trans people in terms of recognition of their gender identity. 

I am happy to see progress made on the gender recognition front in Scotland, it's distinctly in a different direction than where trans rights and safety seems to be heading in other places like England and the United States. Still more to be done, but it is progress and it is good to see.

Not surprisingly, the gibbering bigots that make up the British press are already out there with their fearmongering, some calling it a "dark day for women and children" and worse. This clownish bigotry in the UK is truly beyond the pale. Are the people there so detached from the rest of the world as to be unaware of the fact that Scotland is hardly a leader in this area? Self-ID is not a new thing and the bigotted bullshit being bandied about by the disgrace that is the British media hasn't manifested anywhere else.

Yet, with this progress in Scotland, we have reason to be afraid for our trans siblings elsewhere. The assault on trans rights continues in the United States and looks to continue in the UK despite this. As these countries continue their march towards actual fascism, expect it to get worse for more and more marginalized communities. The UK invented white supremecy, the US has always embraced it, and we're going to see that hateful effects gain steam as they already have.

Far too many are complacent and many will suffer for that silence.

Still, today, some progress in Scotland. It's something.


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