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Musings on my connection to Wicca

Chatting with a friend, last night, about how I think about the nature of Wicca and what the Goddess and God embody to me.

I want to take a moment to comment that this is absolutely my perspective on this topic. It's how I have interpreted what I have read and understood and so your journey may be different. There are some that will think I missed it, others who may agree, and others that will see everything in between. What I take most from all of my readings is that I am making a deeply personal connection here and I think that is what truly matters. Now, with that...

I struggle with the notion of sentient beings that have some significant power over humanity, regardless of the faith tied to it. The idea that the world and universe is so grand that there must be a creator, or creators, begs the very same question of the creator. What I can, however, connect with is the idea that there energies from existence and nature that we can tap into and that is what really is important. Is the Goddess the manifestation of the interconnected energy of all women? The God of all men? The Sun, we know, is a massive source of energy, as is the Moon with its pull on our lakes and oceans. These connections feel right to me and, whether or not I ascribe awareness to them is irrelevant, these energies manifestly exist. I have felt them; the connections that I have felt in sisterhood has far outweighed anything I ever encountered with men and yet I know that men can feel similarly between themselves, though differently. What I feel, in that connectedness to other women, is the manifestation of the Goddess to me.

We also know we can tap into and harness the energy of different sources and so, truly, what is magic other than that very thing? As I read more, the concept influencing the future by way of magic makes so much more sense if you understand that magic is really about harnessing those energies. For example, Scott Cunningham, in his book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practioner, talks about using magic to enable himself to pay a bill. New money didn't manifest out of nothing, but Scott managed to harness the energies around all of us to create the conditions of focus and personal discipline to ensure he was in a position to pay his bill when the time came. Without that, would he have done so? Who knows. What matters is is that he did and he had directed his will and energy to that outcome with the spell that he had cast. That's magic. 

Like I said previously, I am a neophyte of neophytes, I am so early into this journey, but I am spending a great deal of time thinking about what I encounter and trying to understand why I feel so much resonance with it. I feel strongly, at this juncture, that how I personally connect is a manifestation of how I place myself into the world today and that is quite okay.

Nevertheless, that is very subject to change, as I think we all can understand, as that is the nature of a journey.


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