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Shopify has told you who they are

By refusing to deplatform deeply harmful hate accounts, Shopify has made it clear that they are okay with hate being sold on their site and that they make money from the sale of it.

There are more than a few stories hitting the media these days about Shopify's refusal to deplatform hate groups and, as a variant to the saying, if you allow a Nazi on your platform then you have a Nazi platform. Which is basically the state of affairs at Shopify now.

 CEO Tobias L├╝tke posted, "Shopify has a published acceptable use policy and a principled process to apply it. Pressure groups on all sides try to influence it sometimes and CBC needs to see through that not amplify bad faith narrative."

What's bad faith Tobias? The fact is, you are allowing hate groups to sell from your platform which means you're profiting from the sale of hate. That makes Shopify a hate peddler. There's no bad faith to that statement, it's true. What do you think that means those of us, who are targets of that hate being peddled, think of you and your business?

I'll be clear: I will not purchase a single thing, no matter how much I might want it, if the site is hosted on Shopify. Enough. Shopify has told you who they are, they sell hate, and they need to go under.


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