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Where the sting gets worse

So, recently, I was in a work meeting on diversity and inclusion and the discussion topic was on creating an inclusive space. Meanwhile, a person in the meeting had a Zoom background featuring the works of the the deeply transphobic bigot author from the UK.

I raised in that discussion a question on how to address culturally popular subjects which create negative spaces for marginalized communities. Our Accountable Executive for the forum asked me what I meant, so I explained the issue with the background along with a discussion on another use of that in an all-hands forum. The person with the background acknowledged that she knew about the issue. That's where the sting gets worse.

Similar, I keep losing track of the posts on sites like FB from people who are out enjoying bigot chicken. I had commented at one point that I could never eat there and the response was, "I understand." That's where the sting gets worse.

Imagine, if you will, how it feels to know that people that are in your life value young adult books or chicken sandwiches more than you. That your life, your safety, your ability to exist is less important than a piece of chicken stuffed in to a bun. 

That's what it feels like to be trans.

And, yes, that's where the sting gets worse.


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