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It's not that hard if you love

I wanted to share this story about my 85 year old great Aunt.

I haven't seen her in about 7 years, for a whole variety of reasons, but I talked to her about two years ago to tell her about my journey. She was very supportive, which was not even close to a surprise because she is the most loving and caring person I know, but obviously not super familiar with trans people and what she knew was a bit old school. Lots of allowance for that.

Fast forward a bit in time and my sister was taking to her the other day. During the course of the conversation, my Aunt asked about me, Joanne. 

She's 85. I last talked with her two years ago and she never slipped. That is love and it says something about what it really takes to get it right. I am going to see her this weekend, she may slip on my name or pronouns, but I know that she cares to get it right and that, my dear reader, is love.


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