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Bye Twitter, it hasn't been a slice

I have reached a breaking point on the toxicity of that site and I had to leave.

We all know that "social" media has long since been debunked as a place for positive social growth. They're driven by algorithms that encourage engagement over quality and, as it is, hate generates substantial engagement. Nowhere more evident than on Twitter.

My block list, before I finally gave up on that site, was almost 160,000 and I could not keep the toxic sewage, that is the lifeblood of Twitter, out of my feed. Today the level of toxic reached a place that I could not take anymore as I saw a transphobe misgendering her trans niece as she gloated that estrogen couldn't save her from suicide. I was nearly sick. This same bigot previously shared information related to her niece to some of the nastiest bigots in the US. And I just can't anymore.

I can't take any more bullshit "we didn't find any violation of our rules" responses from the clearly incompetent, evil, or both, collection of so-called Twitter Safety people. I have receipts. Would it have been worth reporting this sick and twisted person? Probably not. I give up. Twitter wins, it's welcome to its cesspool and I hope it drowns in it, especially the upcoming new owner.

I'm reaching those edges for other "social" media sites as well. I want to see them regulated. I want people to have a place to turn when this level of hate is allowed to fester. I don't know that we'll see.

So, bye Twitter, you have no redeeming qualities and I am ashamed for every person that works there.


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